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I look forward to helping you out! My name is Grant, and I’m a 2014 Penn State/Schreyer Honors College Chemical Engineering alum. I love learning, and I love helping others get there as well! Little excites me more than clearing up the confusion surrounding a difficult topic. You’ll often hear me ask, “Why?” — it’s so critical to understand what’s going on surrounding the problem you’re currently working on. I’ve watched time and again students come to a greater grasp of the broader material and have been able to excel not only in the present course, but also in classes to come. I want to teach you how to learn, not simply the answers to the questions in front of you!

For more than a decade, I’ve clocked about 5,000 hours tutoring almost every age in almost every subject you can name. Currently, my favorite courses to tutor are calculus 1, 2, and 3; physics of mechanics, electricity, and magnetism; and statics, dynamics, and strength of materials, though I’m happy to consider other subjects. I received an A in all of Penn State University’s versions of these (or equivalent courses, in some cases), and have spent extensive time tutoring each one of them for years since.

For each hour-long session, I take 15 minutes beforehand to discuss goals, progress, learning styles, and your needs. Afterwards, I spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the progress from the session to determine what changes need to be made and how we are going to proceed. We’ll develop strong lesson plans, a schedule for the time in between our sessions, and much more. This time and planning is critical to ensure that the hour we spend on content is most effectively used! I’m also open to input more broadly or materials you’re interested in using, as I obviously want to help you ace the specific section of the class you’re taking.

Not only have I taken these courses and tutored them extensively, but I’ve also applied the content while taking and tutoring various 300- and 400-level classes in chemical engineering, economics, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, and more. I’m currently applying to mathematics PhD programs because of my passion for the field. I also scored a 170 on the math section of the GRE. (My full score was 170-164-6.0 — I’m happy to help with the GRE more broadly, too.)

I got my start as a college-level tutor in physics mechanics in 2011, and haven’t looked past it since. I consider myself to have mastery of the content in these classes — I have seen so many questions over the years that not only do I immediately know what is within or outside the scope of many classes, I also can most effectively use our time because I’ve worked through so many of them!

I’d be happy to arrange a time to meet, and can meet anywhere or online. Thanks for considering! I can’t wait to share my passion for the beauty and intricacy of these subjects with you.

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